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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Moth Killing Super Fumer 11g

Our Price: £6.95 inc. VAT
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The Super Fumer is a powerful 11g smoke bomb that contains insecticide permethrin, which has a rapid-knockdown effect on clothes, carpet and food moths.

This fumer will effectively treat an area of up to 100 cubic metres, making it ideal for treating larger open plan spaces such as a living room or dining rooms.

NB: The Super Fumer can also be used in smaller rooms/areas for a more intensive treatment.

To use the fumer ensure all the windows in the target room are closed before lighting the fumer and shutting the door. Allow the fumer to work for 2-3 hours before returning then ventilate the room thoroughly, open all windows and the door. No visible residue is left on the fabrics or furnishings with this fumer, so you don’t need to empty the room beforehand.


Pest Expert Formula P Fumer Clothes Moth Killer
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Customer Reviews

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Jane C-Colchester-5 Stars

I thought it was a little too small to kill everything in the cupboards but it did the job.

Simone-Newport-5 Stars

5* for the service & product

Julie-Warrington-5 Stars

The website is very easy to navigate and found the ordering process stress-free

Ben-Derby-5 Stars

Very surprised at how many this fumer killed! Happy with the results.

Cathy M-Kent-5 Stars

I would recommend this product to anyone, I have tried others but they didn't seem as effective...

Paul-London-5 Stars

I'm impressed with the speed of service and the fact that they have included a little information sheet. Should I need any more, I will be returning!

Karen-Durham-5 Stars

Very fast delivery and effective product. Just what we needed

Brian-Birmingham-5 Stars

All moths gone. Nothing else to say.

Rachel-Greenwich-5 Stars

Worked perfectly and comes with a useful instruction sheet. Thanks!

Billie-London-5 Stars

Bought these for my mum as she said she had seen moths. Since using a couple of these she has not found anything else so job done!

Chris-Swinton-5 Stars

We really struggled when we found moths flying around the second floor of our house. Luckily it only took one round of fumigation to clear them and we haven't seen anything else since...

Mary-Guilford-5 Stars

Ordered late afternoon and it arrived the next day. It successfully cleared my guest room and I would definitely use it again if needed.

Jackie-Brighton-5 Stars

Very effective at clearing all present moths in my bedroom.

Michael-Harrogate-5 Stars

It doesn't look a lot judging by the size, however this is deceptively powerful and very effective. Thank you

Grant-Newcastle-5 Stars

We found many moths in my grandma's house when cleaning. This has killed all that were present and we have bought more in case we need them in the future

Ian-London-5 Stars

I have already recommended this to everyone I know as this has worked great for me

Katrina-Peterborough-5 Stars

Was a little worried about using this at first. However it is perfectly safe and is great for a quick knock-down of adults

John-Winchester-5 Stars

Very easy to use and came with instructions. Impressed

Elizabeth-Suffolk-5 Stars

Moths in my walk-in closet had destroyed all my cashmeres, woollens and even a pair of ponyskin shoes. Tried another brand first time - little, if any effect. Mothkiller super fumer really did work. Have put in a pheromone glue pad and not a sign of the blighters. Excellent! I ordered 3 and will use every 3-6 months.

Lisa-Exeter-5 Stars

We were, obviously, unfortunate enough to find clothes moths in our house and had to do an entire house de-moth. I've ordered twice in less than a week and is not only a very easy-to-use site with clear explanations and pricing on all products, but super fast delivery. I do mean, lightning fast. The status of order updates emailed so I knew exactly what stage the order was at, using a delivery service that was incredibly reliable and very efficient. Beyond happy. It's rare to find a company so organised and efficient. I've already told some friends, in case the pesky little blighters decide to try and invade their properties, as the service is top notch. Thank you. Reliability, speed and great products. Can't ask for better.

Louise-Essex-5 Stars

Very efficient, prompt on time delivery of excellent product

Nick-France-5 Stars

I've always had good experiences of Mothkiller. Orders are dispatched quickly and efficiently; on the one occasion whens goods were defective (not the company's fault), they were replaced immediately without question. I recently placed an order to go overseas (to France) for the first time, and the same efficiency was apparent there, the goods arriving within the week.

David-Brighton-5 Stars

Have tried other products in the past but only this cleared my bad moth problem.

Tim W-Stoke-On-Trent-5 Stars

Using the fumers couldn't have been easier! I gave the instructions to one of my sons, put the cats into a cattery for 10 days and went on holiday. My son set the fumers in all the rooms and just shut the door behind him as he left for the day. Don't forget to switch off the smoke alarms. Now I am hoping to go back to home where there are no more carpet moths!

Helen-Cambridge-5 Stars

Fast response on all counts, delivery to moth demise

James-Leicester-5 Stars

was very good

Peter-Carlisle-5 Stars

Your service was just what I wanted and what I expected.

The service from was just what I wanted. The products arrived on time in good condition and the price is competitive.

Christopher-Margate-5 Stars

Excellent service!

I have ordered items twice on the internet - both times, the delivery arrived the next morning. Perfect service.

Louise-Essex-5 Stars

Very efficient, prompt on time delivery of excellent product