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Pest Expert Formula 'C' Food Moth Spray 1Ltr

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Pest Expert Formula 'C' is a fast-acting food moth spray that kills food moths on contact and leaves behind an insecticidal residue that is effective for up to 12 weeks, offering long-lasting food moth control. Formula 'C' spray is a surface spray that can be applied to the inside of kitchen cupboards and units as well as other alighting surfaces.

Formula 'C' is a water-based product that is both low odour and solvent-free, so it is safe to use in households with animals and/or young children as long as directions for use are followed and they are kept out of the treated area until surfaces are dry (approx 3 hours).

Formula 'C' contains the active ingredient cypermethrin at 0.1% w/v (1g/litre). Cypermethrin is a broad spectrum professional-strength insecticide manufactured for the control of most flying and crawling insect pests including moths, ants, cockroaches, fleas, and flies.

This 1 litre container will typically provide effective coverage to an area of around 20 square metres. Heavy infestations may require a second treatment.

To carry out a food/kitchen moth treatment using Formula 'C', remove contents of kitchen units and lightly spray inside. Also apply to any other areas, e.g. wall-ceiling junctions where larvae may be found. Allow 2-3 hours for surfaces to dry before re-stocking cupboards. Fresh produce should be stored in sealed containers to avoid contact with the insecticidal residue. Avoid cleaning treated areas for as long as possible to avoid removing this protective barrier. Not suitable for direct application to worktops or other food preparation surfaces. 

Please also see our
Food Moth Killer Kits which contain Formula 'C' as well as Food Moth Killing Formula 'P' Foggers, Rentokil Insectrol Spray and Demi Diamond Food Moth Traps. These Kits come complete with step-by-step instructions and offer excellent value for money.

Pest Expert Formula 'C' Food Moth Spray 1Ltr (Free Mask & Gloves)
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Clarissa-London-5 Stars

It was very easy to order the correct product and was very impressed with the step by step notifications I received after placing the order. I received the order less than 24 hours after I placed it! Top service

Robin-Oxfordshire-5 Stars

Easy to apply with useful instructions. I applied it to all cupboards and shelves in the kitchen - fingers crossed it gets rid of them for good!

Danielle-Milton Keynes-5 Stars

This was purchased for my mother. She has since told me she has bought another as it was very effective

Kerry-London-5 Stars

It was very difficult to deal with until I found this website. Everything was easy to find and the information provided is kept simple and easy to follow. I would definitely use this website again if I ever needed to!

Zinnia-Luton-5 Stars

I was unlucky enough to have bought cereal containing a moth infestation. One application of this has killed them off.

Sara-Grantham-5 Stars

This website made it much easier to figure out what I needed and it was a stress-free experience.

katrina-Hampshire-5 Stars

very good product. easy to apply

J I Blair-Twickenham-5 Stars

fast delivery, great service

Fast delivery, great service.

Janet-Kent-5 Stars

Very impressed.

Very good service. Kept me informed every step of the way. The moths don't stand a chance now! :)

Suzanne-Cleethorpes-5 Stars

Moths Busted!!

Excellent service. Product came within a couple of days of finding the little blighter's, the instructions were well written and easy to follow hopefully we are well rid of them now. Product very good value would definitely recommend to others.

Jetoben-Hull-5 Stars


Easy web site to navigate round, explanations clear and user friendly. Product arrived following day and instructions easy to use and so far very effective.