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Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Carpet Moth Spray 5Ltr

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Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Advanced is the new and improved formulation of our best-selling moth killer spray. With the addition of two powerful active ingredients, this triple action carpet moth killer spray is fastest and most effective carpet moth spray available to the amateur market. It is a fast-acting carpet moth killer that is safe to use on carpets and rugs. The insecticide in the spray kills carpet moths on contact, leaving a protective residue that lasts for up to 12 weeks after use to offer long lasting carpet moth control.  

Until December 2012, the full Pest Expert range was only available to the professional market; however, as Pest Expert Formula 'C+' is now available for amateur use, we have decided to replace the previously sold Formula C with this fantastic product.

Formula ‘C+’ Advanced is a carpet moth spray that has a water-based solution, meaning it is completely safe to use on textile and furnishings that aren’t susceptible to water damage. This also makes it low-odour and solvent-free so your furniture and carpets will be unaffected by the treatment.

Formula 'C+' Advanced now contains three active ingredients: the first being pyriproxyfen, a ground-breaking insect growth regulator that halts the progression of the carpet moth’s life-cycle, from juvenile to adult, resulting in the moths not being able to reproduce therefore ensuring there is no increase in new moths numbers. The second is chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract, a 100% natural pyrethrum, which when combined with the third active, Cypermethrin, has a synergistic effect which helps to deliver an even quicker knockdown, more powerful and longer-lasting residual to maintain ongoing control of all life stages of the moth.

This 5Ltr Formula 'C+' Advanced Carpet Moth Spray will typically provide effective coverage to an area of around 250 sq mtrs in a single application! This is double the area covered by cheap soluble sachets offered elsewhere, thus providing better value for money and avoiding the fuss of having to re-treat. Heavy carpet moth infestations may require a second treatment.

A carpet moth treatment with the Formula ‘C+’ Advanced spray is simple – just apply the spray to the carpets, furnishings and other affected areas of the room, paying more attention to the edges and corners where eggs and larvae may be hidden from sight. Leave for 3-4 hours for the spray to dry then try and avoid vacuuming for as long as possible to allow the residue to have the greatest effect.

Alternatively, please see our Carpet Moth Killer Kits which contain Formula 'C+' Advanced Carpet Moth Spray as well as Formula 'P' Carpet Moth Powder, Formula 'P' Foggersand Demi Diamond Moth TrapsAll our Kits are supplied with step-by-step instructions and offer excellent value for money.

Formula 'C' Carpet Moth Killer Spray 5L
Formula 'C' Carpet Moth Killer Spray 5L
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Customer Reviews

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Graham-Cardiff-5 Stars

The results of this were noticeable in the first few days. Would recommend.

Lucy-Stevenage-5 Stars

Needed to treat an infested new carpet - the best product I've used

Harold-Birmingham-5 Stars

Easy to order and the advice line is helpful

David-Grantham-5 Stars

My wife noticed moths when moving furniture, one treatment with this spray and it seems to have done the trick!

Samantha-Goole-5 Stars

Worked perfectly in my nans house. Not seen any for a while

Daniel-Kent-5 Stars

Very good company to deal with

Paul D-Gerrards Close-5 Stars

Very good service

Products arrived very promptly.

Janice-Taunton-5 Stars


Excellent service, Treated my carpets after noticing damage so far so good!!!

Roger-Ashford-5 Stars

After doing much research regarding the best product and method to use to rid myself of moths in my woolen carpet, I decided to take a chance and buy Pest Control C. It was £40 plus and I thought this was rather expensive as I used the full 5 litres in one application. This was a week ago, and I only did round the edges, but haven't seen any new activity yet, so hopefully it has worked, allbeit a bit early to tell yet. They recommend a further treatment after 12 weeks, so looks as if I'll have to cough up another 40 odd quid.

Helen Fleet-Oxford-5 Stars

I have used this company for about 2 years and keep going back because the products work and they are sent quickly. The instructions are easy to follow and give you peace of mind.

Mrs Joanne Weatherstone-Hornsea-5 Stars

Great service, quick delivery. The formula c has been down for 2 weeks, it seems to be working. No more cases.

Elizabeth Scott-Bridport-5 Stars

The moth killer spray arrived very quickly. It's too soon to say whether it has eradicated the problem yet!

The product came very quickly. It is low odour , easy to use as it is already made up but I was lucky to already have a sprayer I could use , I thought one would be supplied. I't's too soon to see if it 's worked yet

Pauline-Tenterden-5 Stars

I felt confident using this product time will tell if it has worked.

Steve-Swansea-5 Stars

A bit pricey but cannot fault their communications and service. Would be very happy to buy from them again.

Paul-Wickford-5 Stars

Did what it said on the Tin - Good product, turned up within 2 days, and worked a treat, no more moths

Christopher-Hunstanton-5 Stars

Excellent service and communication with rapid delivery.

Telephone service was second to none, much easier than the internet.

Ross-Norwich-5 Stars

Motht efficient

I ordered some moth killing sprays and powders from this company. I've not had a chance to use them yet but theirs was the best price for the kit and it arrived when they said it would. So far I'm very pleased by the service.

Elizabeth-Bridlington-5 Stars

MOTHS, WHAT MOTHS????????????

Had massive problems in the lounge with carpet moths,bought the set of moth killer. Excellent Service , prompt delivery. products cured the problem & have powder & spray over to keep things that way. thank you

Richard-Redruth-5 Stars

Fast delivery and reliable service.

It does what it says on the website. Delighted to have finally found a soultion!

Richard-Nottingham-5 Stars


Very good, sorted out a delivery problem straight away with no hassle.

Liz-Gressenhall-5 Stars

We were horrified to find damage to our carpets was caused by moths and could not believe, having had wool carpets for 45 years that we had not experienced this before but luckily computer and 'Mothkiller' to the rescue. Spray and items ordered arrived next day. That was only the easy bit, next carpets removed from gripper rail and all heavy furniture emptied and moved. Job done after a insurance does not cover insect damage !. We are now eagle eyed to spot for further infection !

Roger-Bicester-5 Stars

We are extremely pleased with thic company's products and service

Ordering very easy and straight forward on the website. The products arrived very quickly. Full instructions made it easy to carry out the removal of our unwanted moths. We have continued to use one of the products to prevent ant re-occrance. Can't fault the company or their products. Thank you

Ian-St. Helens-5 Stars


Bought the products, not knowing if the moth killer would work, but it's a 10/10 from me. The problems that I encountered have been dealt with, with just one application.

David-Spratton-5 Stars

fast service and good product

I was frankly surprised at how quickly the delivery was made. The instructions were clear and I was amazed how many insects were found dead after the application. Had no idea there were so many, many wood lice.

Tim-Barnham-5 Stars

2 spray sessions did the trick ,good product good price quick delivery.

Deryck Taylor-Bedfordshire-5 Stars

Service V/G I will Let you know if the product works

Janice-Taunton-5 Stars

Excellent service, Treated my carpets after noticing damage so far so good!!!

Timothy Pearce-West Sussex-5 Stars

No more moths!! 2 spray sessions did the trick ,good product good price quick delivery.

Ian Derbyshire-Merseyside-5 Stars

Brilliant. Bought the product, not knowing if the moth killer would work, but it's a 10/10 from me. The moth problems that I encountered have been dealt with, with just one application.