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Pest Expert Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Trap (1 Trap)

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The Pest Expert Demi-Diamond is the UK's bestselling Clothes Moth Trap.

Contains a powerful pheromone that attracts male clothes moths to the sticky trap, thus halting reproduction and preventing moth numbers from increasing. Each trap protects clothing in a standard wardrobe for approx 3 months.

The Demi-Diamond is perfect for monitoring clothes moth activity and keeping your home moth-free.

The sticky lure pad should be taken out of the Demi-Diamond plastic holder and the backing strip peeled off to activate the pheromone. The pad should then be inserted back into the holder, sticky side out. The trap can be hung in a wardrobe or placed in a room where you have noticed moth activity, ideally sited out of direct sunlight and away from draughts. The lure pad should be replaced after approx 12 weeks to maintain ongoing moth control.

This pack contains one pheromone lure pad and one Demi-Diamond holder. Packs of 10 refill pads can be purchased separately. 
Pest Expert Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Trap (1 Trap)
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Customer Reviews

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Michael-Buckinghamshire-5 Stars

We weren't sure if we were dealing with clothes or carpet moths but this moth traps seems to work nicely and we have noticed a huge decline in the number of moths flying around.

Fiona-Kent-5 Stars

Perfect for a small flat. I keep the doors open so the moths can always fly to it.

Pauline-Norwich-5 Stars

I have had this up for 4 weeks now and I can say they work better than expected...

Leonardo-Manchester-5 Stars

Such a useful product. I would recommend

Victoria-Camden-5 Stars

These are brilliant for catching the adults! I have not needed to use insecticides yet!

Whitney-Portsmouth-5 Stars

I decided to contact the advice line as I was unsure on an effective way to deal with adult moths. I purchased the spray and this trap after consulting a lovely salesperson as they told me that the traps will take the males out of circulation and so they will no longer be able to breed.

Henry-Leeds-5 Stars

Since the Summer I have noticed the odd moth flying around. As I haven't seen any damage or other activity, I thought a trap would be the best option. Now I don't have to worry as I know that all of the males are not able to fertilise the females.