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Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killing Formula 'P' XL Fogger (530ml)

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The Pest Expert Formula 'P' XL Fogger (530ml) is a moth killing fumigation device designed to control clothes moths. The Fogger works on the same principle as conventional smoke bombs; however, as it is an aerosol it does not require a naked flame, thus eliminating any potential fire hazard, which makes it safer for use in enclosed spaces, like wardrobes infested by clothes moths.

Once activated, the insecticidal gas is released over a duration of 5 minutes. The room should then be closed, vacated for at least 2-3 hours to allow the gas to disperse, and ventilated thoroughly upon re-entering. One Fogger will provide effective coverage to a room of approx 10m x 6m. If you need to treat more than one room or a larger area, add extra Foggers as required.

The Pest Expert Formula 'P' XL Fogger is an important part of a comprehensive clothes moth treatment, although as it has no residual value once the gas disperses, to achieve complete eradication it is best used in combination with carpet moth killer products that provide longer-lasting protection, such as Formula 'C' Clothes Moth Killer Spray.

Please also see our Clothes Moth Killer Kits, which contain a range of moth control products and come complete with an advice sheet including step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a successful clothes moth treatment.

Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killing Formula 'P' XL Fogger (530ml)
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Customer Reviews

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Izzie-Chelmsford-5 Stars

Moths in our bedroom was a horrible discovery. I rang the advice line and was advised to try fumigation as there were no other signs of activity. It seems they had flown in and I'm so glad I used this before they started breeding!

Marion-Devon-5 Stars

Easy to use and a helpful advice line if you have any more questions

Karen-Cheshire-5 Stars


Tom-Darlington-5 Stars

Bought these for a large bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe. I was advised to leave the wardrobe door open to allow the chemical to disperse and it has done the trick. Will use again if I need to

Winnie-Somerset-5 Stars

Very very fast delivery and it is a really good product

Neil-Warwick-5 Stars

Did a great job at eliminating the moths from my loft. We stored many clothes/blankets up there and have had an issue with moths in there for a while.