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Indian Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella)

Identifying a Food Moth 
  • The wings are a blend of two colours: front half of the wings are a pale tan with the bottom a bronzy colour.
  • Adult moths have a wingspan of roughly 19mm.
  • Generally found in pantries or in the kitchen area where food is present.
  • Typically they are nocturnal so rest during the day in dark places.
  • If disturbed when flying they will zig-zag.
General Characteristics
The Indian meal Moth (Plodia Interpunctella) is often referred to as the pantry moth or flour moth. The larvae stage of the lifecycle are commonly known as ‘waxworms’ and are a common grain-feeding pest found throughout the world. This type of moths’ larvae feeds on cereals, nuts, seeds and other dried foods. Food moth infestations usually originate from contaminated food products. 

Adult Indian meal moths are roughly 8-10mm in length and typically have a wingspan of 16-20mm. The outer half of their wings are dark grey or bronze in colour, while the upper are yellowy in colour with a dark band between. The larvae are a creamy, white colour with brown head and can grow up to 12mm in length. Indian meal moths are more active at night but will fly towards any lights that may be on.

Meal Moth Life cycle 
The entire life cycle of the Indian meal moth can take anywhere between 28 and 300 days, with temperature being the main factor.

Females may lay 60-400 eggs at any one time and they will always do so on food. Generally the eggs are less than 0.5mm, not very sticky and hatch into larvae within 2-14 days.

Depending on temperature the larval stage can last anywhere between 2 and 410 weeks and can infest a wide range of dry foods such as cereal, bread, pasta and rice etc. The infested food will usually be webbed together with the silk they produce at this stage of the life cycle. Once favourable conditions have been found and they are at a suitable size, they will develop into the pupae stage of the life cycle where they will remain for 15-20 days before emerging as an adult moth. Then the cycle starts over again and again and again…

Food Moth Infestation
Identifying Indian meal moths should be relatively easy as they have a rather unique appearance. Like all food moths they feed on stored, dried foods. So it’s always wise to look inside food containers, often the larvae will be present in the food. They don’t cause damage in a conventional way like carpet moths, but what they will do is contaminate any foods they are found in. 

Treatment and prevention of a food moth problem

Discard any infested produce and remove or store away any remaining foodstuffs before treatment. Fumigation with Pest Expert Formula 'P' Foggers is fantastic for eradicating the adult moth population as they will fill the room with an insecticide and kill any moths that are present. Then it’s just a case of dealing with the eggs and larvae, which can be done by applying Pest Expert Formula 'C' Food Moth Spray to the internal panels of food cupboards and anywhere moth larvae have been noticed. 

To prevent infestation re-occurring, make sure any dried foods are stored in sealed containers, eliminating a food source and breeding ground for these moths. General good house-keeping can help in the fight of preventing re-infestation, as well as using 
Demi-Diamond Food Moth Traps to monitor any moth activity. 

Food Moth Control Kits
All of our food moth kits are suitable for use in both residential and professional kitchens. All products are from market-leaders Pest Expert and Rentokil, for customer confidence and are HSE-approved in the UK for domestic and professional use.

All of our
Food Moth Kits have been designed with ease of application in mind, making application simple and straightforward. A step-by-step professional advice sheet and safety mask and gloves will be provided with each of our kits.


Featured Products
Food Moths Control Kit - Standard (Rentokil / Pest Expert Products)

Food Moths Control Kit - Standard (Rentokil / Pest Expert Products)

Our Standard Food / Kitchen Moth Killer Kit is a collection of the very best food moth control products, perfect for getting rid of food moths in both domestic and professional kitchens. This kit provides you with everything you need to get rid of food moths in a contained area, including blue demi moth traps, which meet commercial kitchen standards. All our Food Moth Killer Kits are supplied with a step-by-step professional advice sheet to enable you to carry out a successful food moth treatment. For full details of this pack, please click on More Info.
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Food / Kitchen Moth Killer Kit - Advanced

Food / Kitchen Moth Killer Kit - Advanced

Our Advanced Food / Kitchen Moth Killer Kit is a collection of the very best food moth control products, suitable for treating food moth infestations in larger kitchens or commercial food processing plants or food storage premises. This Kit will get rid of both Indian Meal Moths and Warehouse Moths, and includes blue demi commercial kitchen moth traps. For full details, please click on More Info.
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Pest Expert Food Moth Killing Formula 'P' Fogger

Pest Expert Food Moth Killing Formula 'P' Fogger

The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fogger is a moth killing fumigation device designed to control food or kitchen moths and is an important part of any comprehensive food moth treatment. Safer than smoke bombs, it is ideal for use in kitchens affected by a food moth infestation. (FROM JUST £5.65 IF BUYING MULTIPLES!)
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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Moth Killing Super Fumer 11g

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Moth Killing Super Fumer 11g

The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Super Fumer is a powerful 11g insecticidal smoke bomb containing permethrin which has a rapid knockdown effect on adult moths. The Super Fumer will treat an area of up to 100 cubic metres. Please Note: The Super Fumer can also be used in smaller rooms/areas for a more intensive treatment.
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Rentokil Insectrol Food Moth Killer Spray

Rentokil Insectrol Food Moth Killer Spray

Rentokil's Insectrol Blue Spray, is a highly effective food moth killer product also capable of controlling a wide range of other crawling insects. This food moth control product has a rapid knockdown effect, but also a long-lasting residual, making it perfect for treating moth alighting surfaces, or for maintaining moth control in areas where food moths have been found. Use as part of a comprehensive treatment of a food moth infestation.
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AF Demi Diamond Kitchen/Food Moth Traps

AF Demi Diamond Kitchen/Food Moth Traps

The professional AF demi diamond kitchen / food moth trap is perfect for monitoring food moth infestations within a domestic or professional kitchen. Meeting commercial kitchen standards, the colouring of this moth pheremone trap also makes it suitable for most food processing or storage premises. Suitable for detecting / trapping of both Indian Meal Moth and Warehouse Moth species. (EACH PACK CONTAINS 3 x TRAPS and 10 x PHEREMONE LURE PADS).
Price: £9.95 inc. VAT
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