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Food / Kitchen Moth Killer Kit - Advanced

Our Price: £84.95 inc. VAT
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Compiled specifically for commercial / business premises or for the treatment of larger areas, the Advanced Food / Kitchen Moth Killer Kit includes everything you need to eradicate food moth infestations and achieve successful food moth control.

Including quality products from Rentokil and other leading pest control manufacturers, this Kit comes complete with a step-by-step advice sheet, to enable you to carry out a professional treatment, without the cost of a technician. All our Food Moth Killer Kits now also include the blue demi diamond moth traps, which are designed to meet commercial kitchen standards. 

Suitable for the control of both the Indian Meal Moth and Warehouse Moth, our Advanced Food / Kitchen Moth Killer Kit includes the following products:

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Advanced Food Moth Spray 5 Ltr (treats 250 sq m)

1 x Pressure Sprayer

2 x Formula 'P' Food Moth Killing Foggers

2 x Rentokil Insectrol Food Moth Killer Spray

3 x Blue Demi Diamond Food Moth Traps and 10 x Pheromone Pads

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

For monitoring larger areas, extra Demi Diamond Moth Traps can be added from the related products below.

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AF Demi Diamond Kitchen/Food Moth Traps

AF Demi Diamond Kitchen/Food Moth Traps

The professional AF demi diamond kitchen / food moth trap is perfect for monitoring food moth infestations within a domestic or professional kitchen. Meeting commercial kitchen standards, the colouring of this moth pheromone trap also makes it suitable for most food processing or storage premises. Suitable for detecting / trapping of both Indian Meal Moth and Warehouse Moth species. (EACH PACK CONTAINS 3 x TRAPS and 10 x PHEROMONE LURE PADS).
Price: £11.95 inc. VAT
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Pest Expert Food Moth Killing Formula 'P' Fogger

Pest Expert Food Moth Killing Formula 'P' Fogger

The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fogger is a moth killing fumigation device designed to control food or kitchen moths and is an important part of any comprehensive food moth treatment. Safer than smoke bombs, it is ideal for use in kitchens affected by a food moth infestation. (FROM JUST £6.95 IF BUYING MULTIPLES!)
Price: £8.95 inc. VAT
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Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Food Moth Killer Spray 5Ltr

Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Food Moth Killer Spray 5Ltr

Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced is the new and improved formulation of our best-selling moth killer. Containing three powerful active ingredients, Formula C+ is a fast-acting food moth spray that can be applied to surfaces to kill food moths on contact. Formula 'C+' Advanced also leaves behind an insecticidal residue that is effective for up to 12 weeks, offering long-lasting food moth control. This 5Ltr Formula 'C+' Advanced Food Moth Spray has the ability to treat up to 250 sq mtrs in a single application! (FROM JUST £29.95 WHEN BUYING MULTIPLES!).
Price: £31.95 inc. VAT
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Customer Reviews

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Fiona-Bangor-5 Stars

We were so unfortunate to have purchased a contaminated product, The advice team at Moth Killer did a great job at reassuring me that the products in the kit would definitely kill them all. It did take more than once round of treatment but there is enough product in these kits to do that. I probably overreacted at first but at least it's done now.

Myla-Ipswich-5 Stars

I can definitely recommend this company and the products supplied. Noticed a dramatic improvement within only two days.



Amy-Oldham-5 Stars

Good value for money. All of the products worked as expected.

Helen-Bridlington-5 Stars

We own a hotel and the discovery of food moths were our nightmare. We weren't sure whether or not we would have enough product as the kitchen is quite large but we actually didn't have to use it all. Very useful.

Pamela-Aberdeen-5 Stars

Good Prompt Service As Per Usual - Hassle free ordering prompt delivery I will certainly use again

Margaret-Edinburgh-5 Stars



Catherine Ann-Douglas-5 Stars

It did what it said on the label

A very happy customer - with both the product and with the service

Nikki-Norwich-5 Stars

Fast help when you need it most!

Thank god for the internet and for you Mothkiller!! we had no idea what was busy eating our carpet underneath a static computer desk and my hysteria over what looked like wormy type grains of rice probably wasnt my finest or most defining hour as a woman of the 21st century BUT thanfully the wonderous google led us to you and we soon not only realised that we werent the only ones to have been invaded by this plague of nasties but we had the information and the no how to seek and destroy them!! The website was informative, the ordering process simple and within 2 days my hubby was masked and ready to go to war.....and we won!!!!! ;-) No more crawlie things, no moths hopping or flying and the traps are empty so far, we have enough to repeat the process if required and i am now sleeping peacefully so THANK YOU very much for being online :-) XX