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Clothes Moth Killer Kit - Advanced (Max Strength Pest Expert Products)

Our Price: £79.98 inc. VAT
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Use what the professionals use, for complete clothes moth eradication!

  • All our best-selling Clothes Moth Killer Kits have top-rated feedback
  • Specialist moth products from market leaders Pest Expert
  • Clothes moth treatment made easy with step-by-step instructions and expert advice line
  • PRICE WATCH PROMISE - we guarantee you will not find cheaper anywhere else online!
  • Includes Free Next Day Delivery!
Product Details
Our Advanced Clothes Moth Killer Kit provides everything you need to eliminate a widespread clothes moth infestation affecting several rooms or double wardrobes or large walk-in closets. All our Clothes Moth Kits contain the optimum combination of clothes moth products to help you get rid of clothes moths fast, safeguard your favourite woollens, silks and cashmeres, and maintain long-lasting clothes moth control.

The professional-grade clothes moth insecticides in our Kits are supplied by market leaders Pest Expert and are HSE-approved for the amateur market, making them the most effective clothes moth killers available for DIY use, and delivering unbeatable results.

Our Advanced Kit contains a full 5 litres of clothes moth spray and a pressure sprayer, enabling you to treat an area of up to 125 sq m in a single application and achieve a thorough, even application of insecticide. This should provide sufficient insecticide to also treat any carpeted areas around your wardrobes to safeguard them against damage and stop the moth infestation spreading.

All our Clothes Moth Kits have been designed with ease of application in mind to make the process uncomplicated and problem-free, and are supplied with step-by-step directions for use to enable you to carry out a simple yet highly effective clothes moth treatment.

Kit Contents
Our Clothes Moth Killer Kit – Advanced includes:

1 x Pest Expert
Formula 'C' Moth Killer Spray 5Ltr: Our best-selling clothes moth spray, Formula ‘C’ is the strongest moth killing insecticide on the amateur market. For application to the internal walls of wardrobes and drawers, Formula ‘C’ kills clothes moths on contact as well as leaving a residue that remains effective for up to 12 weeks, offering long-lasting clothes moth control.

3 x Pest Expert
Formula ‘P’ Foggers: A powerful fumigator, Foggers release an insecticidal gas that expands to completely fill a room, penetrating even hard-to-reach areas to kill all adult moths. Foggers do not present any fire risk as they are an aerosol device and so should not be confused with smoke bombs marketed elsewhere as 'Foggers', which need to be lit and left smouldering! Each Fogger will treat one standard-size room (4m x 4m). Foggers are even safe for use in enclosed spaces such as walk-in wardrobes as they will not leave any unpleasant deposits on clothes or soft furnishings.

6 x Pest Expert Moth Killer Hanging Units (3 Twinpacks) and 4 x
Pest Expert Moth Killer Strips (2 Twinpacks): Excellent products for protecting clothes in wardrobes and drawers, these Units and Strips contain ‘transfluthrin’ a powerful yet odourless insecticide which kills moth eggs and larvae as well as adult clothes moths. One Twinpack of Hanging Units will treat a double wardrobe and one Strip a large drawer of up to 1 cubic metre. Each Unit/Strip is effective for up to 6 months!

3 x Demi Diamond Carpet Moth Pheromone Traps and Holders: This professional-standard moth trap consists of a pheromone lure that attracts and traps the male clothes moth, preventing reproduction and stopping moth numbers from increasing. Moth traps are an excellent method of monitoring clothes moth activity following treatment. Each pheromone pad is effective for up to 3 months.

1 x Pressure Sprayer

1 x Professional Step-by-Step Advice Sheet

If required, additional Pest Expert Moth Killer Hanging Units or Pest Expert Moth Killer Strips can be added from our extensive range of moth products. 

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Customer Reviews

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Wendy-Durham-5 Stars

Very very fast acting products and with next day delivery I was able to get straight to work!

Belinda-Bristol-5 Stars

We have been so worried about our clothes after seeing a couple of moths flying around the house. My mind is at rest after using this kit as I haven't seen any activity since

Julie-London-5 Stars

We had an absolute nightmare with the moths eating very expensive jumpers. One application of each of the products seems to have worked perfectly. Followed by the cassettes and papers in the wardrobes and drawers for future protection.

Margaret-Norwich-5 Stars

Arrived the next day with step by step instructions, everything I needed and more

Carole-Wigan-5 Stars

Brilliant! Exactly as I expected with the bonus of safety equipment too. Cannot fault the products or service

David-Maidstone-5 Stars

Very easy to follow and has dealt with the moths efficiently...

yvonne-Dorset-5 Stars

I phoned the advice line and they informed me that this was the best solution as I had all stages of the life cycle in several rooms. Once purchased they kept me up to date with notifications and it has eradicated my problem!

Harry-Retford-5 Stars

We really appreciated the instructions provided with the kit- very useful

S Foster-Oxted-5 Stars

Excellent Service

Product arrived as promised within 24 hours, safely packaged. All items ordered were exactly as described

Catherine-London-5 Stars

Two orders - both hassle free with speedy delivery. Would be happy to recommend.

DAVID-Edinburgh-5 Stars

Great service and product

Georgie-Hampshire-5 Stars

The website was helpful and explained the problem clearly. Although the product was more expensive than others I looked at, it came with clear instructions and appropriate safety kit, and more to the point, it did the job. We are moth free!

James-Somerset-5 Stars

I had a massive clothes moth problem in a sprawling country house. I was quoted fortunes by Rentokil to treat it. I paid a couple of hundred for a comprehensive kit of foggers, traps, garden sprayer gloves, masks, etc and added extra trap refills, wardrobe hangers and impregnated papers etc. They arrived within 24 hours and it all worked very well. All in all an excellent service with potent treatments which have worked very well.

Elizabeth Hennessy-Barnes-5 Stars

Very good product and service

It appears to be very effective and has solved a problem efficiently. Delivery was prompt.

Sally-Halifax-5 Stars

received my order really promptly, good instructions for use- no problems.

Adama-Dagenham-5 Stars

Easy and effective to use.

I will strongly recommend this company to any one

Malcolm-London-5 Stars

If you want to get rid of moths, talk to them. - Knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. Providing what you need to rid a house of clothes and carpet moths. At reasonable prices and with quick delivery.

Tim Woodward-London-5 Stars

First Class Service..!

Great website....very pleased with my order. All the products supplied look first class. Order was well packed and promptly delivered. However, I can not say more at I have not had a chance to use the products (I have been away).

Catherine-London-5 Stars

Two orders - both hassle free with speedy delivery. Would be happy to recommend.

David-Edinburgh-5 Stars

Great service and product

Simon Bricknell-Teddington-5 Stars

The products arrived on time and were as described. The only minor niggle was that the sprayer was a bit cheap and wouldn't hold the pressure when pumped. Have applied the treatment, which was easy to do.Too early to say how effective it is.

Georgie-Broughton, Hampshire-5 Stars

The website was helpful and explained the problem clearly. Although the product was more expensive than others I looked at, it came with clear instructions and appropriate safety kit, and more to the point, it did the job. We are moth free!

David-Edinburgh-5 Stars

Nuclear moth killing kit. Great service and product.

Sophia Hill-London-5 Stars

This Clothes Moth Kit was great as it sorted our moth infestation, and we've not seen a single moth since!

Alan Fortune-Ayrshire-5 Stars

Perfect, moths are completely eliminated. Definitely would recommend your products. First class and easy to use.