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Oak Processionary Caterpillars
The oak processionary moth feeds and lives almost exclusively on oak trees.
Moth Traps – What’s the difference?
Within the pest control sector people often get confused about the different types of traps and the function of each trap. Moth traps are no different, the main types of traps are either tranfluthrin or pheromone-based traps. To some they may appear...
Tineola Bisselliella
A Clothes Moth or Tineola Bisselliella is one of the most aggressive species and can be found in places all around the world. The moths are only small around 5-8mm long and tend to scuttle around, flying only when its warm.
Moth Extinct in UK Returns After 50 Years
Hold off on your Formula C spray, if you happen to come across this little fellow. The Clifden Nonpareil- a name that means Beyond Compare- is one of the largest and most spectacular moths that are native to the UK.
Creepy crawlies that are bound to make many of us skin crawl. However, Earwigs can be quite beneficial.