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Carpet Moth Killer Kit - Standard (Pest Expert Products)

Our Price: £19.95 excl. VAT
Our Price: £23.94 incl. VAT

Use what the professionals use for complete carpet moth eradication!

  • All our best-selling Carpet Moth Killer Kits have top-rated feedback
  • Specialist moth products from market leaders Pest Expert
  • Carpet moth treatment made easy with step-by-step instructions and expert advice line
  • PRICE WATCH PROMISE - we guarantee the lowest prices online!

Product Details
Our 7-piece Standard Carpet Moth Killer Kit contains everything you need to eliminate a carpet moth infestation in one room quickly and easily. The comprehensive range of carefully selected carpet moth treatment products will get rid of carpet moths fast and provide ongoing carpet moth control for up to 12 weeks, preventing further damage to your carpets and rugs!  

The professional-grade carpet moth insecticides in our Kits are supplied by market leaders Rentokil and Pest Expert and are HSE-approved for amateur use, making them the most powerful carpet moth killers available to the DIY user, delivering unbeatable results.

Our Standard Kit contains a full one litre of carpet moth spray allowing you to treat up to 25 sq m in a single application or a smaller area several times to achieve complete carpet moth eradication.

All our Carpet Moth Killer Kits are supplied with step-by-step instructions on how to apply the carpet moth products, making treatment straightforward and hassle-free.

Kit Contents
Our Carpet Moth Killer Kit - Standard includes:

1 x Pest Expert
Formula 'C' Moth Killer Spray 1 Ltr: Our best-selling carpet moth spray, Formula ‘C’ is the strongest moth killing insecticide on the amateur market. As well as killing carpet moths on contact, Formula ‘C’ leaves a residue that remains effective for up to 12 weeks, offering long-lasting moth control. Formula ‘C’ is water-based and so can be safely applied to carpets and other soft furnishings.

1 x Pest Expert 
Formula 'P' Carpet Moth Killer Powder 300g: This permethrin dust is an excellent moth killer and is effective against moth eggs and larvae as well as adult moths. Produced in a puffer pack for easy application, Formula 'P' Powder is particularly good for applying around the edges of the room and to specific areas of damage prior to treatment with the Formula ‘C’ carpet moth spray.

1 x Pest Expert
Formula ‘P’ Fogger: A powerful fumigating aerosol device specifically designed for safe use within a home, Foggers release an insecticidal gas that expands to completely fill a room, penetrating even hard-to-reach areas to kill all adult moths. Unlike old-fashioned smoke bombs, Foggers do not present any fire risk as they do not require a naked flame; therefore, they should not be confused with smoke bombs marketed elsewhere as 'Foggers', which need to be lit and left smouldering! 

1 x Demi Diamond Moth Pheromone Trap and Holder: This professional-standard moth trap consists of a pheromone lure that attracts and traps the male moth, thus halting reproduction and preventing moth numbers from increasing. In addition, moth traps are an excellent way of detecting and monitoring moth activity before and after treatment. Each pheromone lure is effective for up to 3 months.

1 x 
EN149 Safety Mask & Nitrile Safety Gloves

1 x Professional Step-by-Step Advice Sheet

Where carpet moth damage is more extensive or the carpet moth infestation is affecting a larger-size room or several rooms, please see our larger Carpet Moth Killer Kits.

Carpet Moth Killer Kit by Pest Expert - Standard
Carpet Moth Killer Kit by Pest Expert - Standard
Our Price: £19.95
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Customer Reviews

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Margaret-Scottish Borders-5 Stars

Excellent service from this company

B PEARSON-Cardiff-5 Stars

No more moths! We has struggled for ages trying to get rid of carpet moths. Since using the products supplied by Mothkiller UK we have not seen one. It certainly worked for us and if we ever get moths again I will not hesitate to use them again.

Kath-Stowmarket-5 Stars

Good product, good service Product works! A query I had was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.

Rhona-Glasgow-5 Stars

DOES WHAT IT PROMISES & BEST VALUE We bought one of the carpet moth kits. Having looked long and hard, this was the best value kit we could find online. Furthermore, it worked brilliantly. No more moths!

Stephen-Surrey-5 Stars

Excellent communications, delivered on time , very pleased

Dinkey-Redhill-5 Stars

No problems with service or product

Mike-Exmouth-5 Stars

No problems - good service

Mrs Smith-Bridport-5 Stars

I received a very prompt and professional service from this company. Would recommend to other customers. Hopefully i will not need their services again, but wouldnt hesitate to use again should the need arise.

Cameron-Cambridge-5 Stars

I ordered a basic kit to eliminate carpet moths, it arrived within a few days. What really impressed me were the regular emails a txt updates giving me information on my orders progress. I will order from this company again if I ever need any more products, thank you

Cameron-Cambridge-5 Stars

I ordered a basic kit to eliminate carpet moths, it arrived within a few days. What really impressed me were the regular emails a txt updates giving me information on my orders progress. I will order from this company again if I ever need any more products, thank you

Beve-Brownley-5 Stars

Excellent delivery system. The products arrived the day following that on which the order was placed....with warning of expected delivery time. The explanation sheet was simple to follow and so far the products are working! I would definitely recommend this company.

Ronald-Langton Green-5 Stars

Carpet moth treatment Fast next day delivery Order well packed, good easy to follow instructions treatment only five days old, but so far so good. no sign of a mot

Michele-South Warnborough-5 Stars

Very speedy service. Instructions were clear and it didn't take long to complete the task! Here's hoping the pesky moths don't come back.

Sally Hobbs-Swansea-5 Stars

Carpet moth killer Excellent product and so easy to use

Ann-Boston-5 Stars

Quick delivery - hope it does the trick

D.B.-Kings Lynn-5 Stars

Comprehensive kit. Easy instructions Appears to have done the job. No further infestation apparent after 3 weeks!

Nigel-Norwich-5 Stars

Excellent Service. The kit arrived next day as promised. Good clear instructions only time will tell if we have been successful in eradicating the moths. However happy to recommend this company.

Brian-Cornwall-5 Stars

Would use again

Peter-York-5 Stars

Very prompt response and delivery, treatment not completed as yet but consider kit to be good value for money.

Martin-New Milton-5 Stars

Quick delivery. Decent price. Good product. Job done.

Simon Doran-Guildford-5 Stars

What it said on the tin Goods arrived speedily and as ordered. A problem free purchase online.

Lindy-Steyning-5 Stars

Very reliable MothKiller are a very reliable company who offer a fast delivery and good customer service. I have used them a couple of times.

Memphis-London-5 Stars

The Right Stuff Everything I needed in one package. Quick delivery and well packaged. Follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. No sign of any moths or larva.

Damian-London-5 Stars

would definitely recommend and use again if/when needed. what i noticed is whatever the company said on purchase is what actually happened - there were not silly delays or sorry sir this or that happened. Their logistics were impeccable . Thanks.

Paula-Caerphilly-5 Stars

After discovering that I had carpet moths I found online and ordered the kit. It arrived the very next day. The instructions provided were easy to follow and the products have so far done exactly what they claimed they would. No more bald patches for my carpets. Excellent service and results.

Anne Millett-Bristol-5 Stars

Easy to use product that arrived on time well packaged We found we had a balding patch of carpet so invested in your carpet moth killer. It was an easy website to use, the package arrived very quickly and was in good condition. The product was easy to use by following the clear instruction sheet and seems to have been effective. It does smell so the room had to be kept shut while the product was being used. Very pleased bbut it is early days so still have our fingers crossed!

Steph-Worc-5 Stars

It took a while to dawn on us that the steady increase of little moths was coming from our carpets immediate action was sought. Our carpet provider recommended MothKiller. Pricing was better than from other sites and orders came through very quickly. Instructions were clear and advice over the phone was very helpful. So far no more moths..... Though more 'stuff' may be required to ensure our carpets are safe!!

Philip-Surrey-5 Stars

Bought the standard pack as a bit nervous as to how it would work. But, it tackled the infestation under the stairs and in hall and stair carpet. Easy to follow step by step instructions and all you need to do the job. So far so good. The moths appear to be no more. But have left the moth catcher in place to monitor activity. Very efficient service by this company and fast delivery with good communications.

Peter-Poole-5 Stars

Very happy with the purchase. Swift delivery too.

Chris-Weston-Super-Mare-5 Stars

Wondered what the rice type cases were on the carpet. The web site described them exactly. Order delivered next day with comprehensive instructions which were easy to follow. Would highly recommend using this company.

CAROL HICKS-London-5 Stars

From ordering to arrival, I was kept very well informed about the progress of the items I had bought. Plenty (almost too many) emails keeping me aware of when the item had been shipped and when it was to arrive (within the our and the timing proved to be correct). I would definitely recommend this Company

Mary-London-5 Stars

Used the products over a week ago and so far no moths, after months of them. Let's see if they stay away.

Paul-Sunningdale-5 Stars

Nice change to receive a product with well written instructions. Well packaged and fast delivery.

Mary Till-Selby-5 Stars

The parcel arrived the day after I ordered it The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The mask was very good and easy to breathe through. I applied the product over two days. Two days later I found two minute live larvae, but nothing since then apart from a dead carpet moth in the trap provided. After a week I cut away the narrow strip of damaged carpet and reapplied the powder and spray to the affected area rather than to the edges of the whole room and adjacent rooms as I had done the first time. So far so good. I intend to repair the damaged carpet with a new strip of carpet in the next few days. Your company hs saved us at least £250. Thank you.

Ralph-Ilkeston-5 Stars


Stewart Allen-Coventry-5 Stars

A great product. The kit did exactly as described. Very easy to use,simple straightforward instructions and with everything needed(including mask and gloves). I could see almost instant results and the moth problem (which I had not noticed until it was well underway in my bedroom carpet) has been solved. Certainly going to order some of the products again shortly to deal with a smaller problem elsewhere.

Peter-Swanley-5 Stars

Having suffered a plague of moths eating our carpets, we sent off for this three part treatment. It has proved most successful, hopefully the little blighters got what they deserved as we have not seen one since the treatment.

Shelagh-Manchester-5 Stars

Pest Expert Formula C is the best product I have ever found for eradicating moths. It is odourless and effective over many weeks without damaging carpets. In addition, the service is amazingly prompt and efficient.

Thomas-London-5 Stars

arrived on time. clear instructions & easy to use. We'll see if any moths return but am confident after 2-3 treatments they will be gone. 2-3 treatments from a professional would cost at least 3 times as much. I recommend

Philip-Dorchester-5 Stars

We had moth infestation in the lounge carpet, and to a lesser degree, also in the bedroom. I saw this online and thought it was worth a try. I followed the instructions, and did the three stages in order, and I have to say it appears to have done the job .... treated the room in June, and to date ( August) not a moth to be seen ! Would definitely recommend this product.

Sue C-Norwich-5 Stars

We bought the full kit to deal with moths. 2 weeks later we seem to have won the battle! The instructions for use were very easy to follow and the safety equipment included was good. The products were delivered quickly. Would definitely recommend.

Christine-London-5 Stars

I have moths in my carpet. I have tried to get rid of them before without success. The moth catcher shows me how many moths I have and is great. I have put them all round the carpet edges and every day I catch approx 6 moths so the aim is to catch all the adult moths so there will be no larva to eat the carpets.

Hayley-London-5 Stars

Fast delivery, great products, easy to understand website.

David Miller-London-5 Stars

Everything delivered as promised in good time. Clear instructions , easy to apply. Just need to wait to see if it works now.

Jeremy-High Wycombe-5 Stars


Marion-Ashington-5 Stars

Package arrived so quickly, have not yet had the opportunity to clear room to use product, so can't offer feedback on that just yet.

Bobbie-Hailsham-5 Stars

The service was excellent. The moth killer seems to have done the job but it is a little early to know yet.

Mrs Susan Light-Cobham-5 Stars

The products were easy to apply. The whole process took one day. Clearing the furniture took the longest time. The products were pleasant to use. The gas left an odour so as they say you need to ventilate your rooms afterwards. It was comforting to know we are back to normal now.

David-Hinckley-5 Stars

Very easy company to deal with.

Barrie-Bakewell-5 Stars

I found this very good, did what it said on the package and killed some flies and woodlice as well as the carpet moths! Easy to use and quick delivery.