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Carpet Moth Killer Kit - Intermediate (Pest Expert Products)

Our Price: £34.95 excl. VAT
Our Price: £41.94 incl. VAT

Use what the professionals use for complete carpet moth eradication!

  • All our best-selling Carpet Moth Killer Kits have top-rated feedback
  • Specialist moth products from market leaders Pest Expert
  • Carpet moth treatment made easy with step-by-step instructions 
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Product Details
Our Intermediate Carpet Moth Killer Kit provides you with everything you need to quickly and easily eliminate a carpet moth infestation affecting 2-3 rooms. The comprehensive range of carpet moth treatment products in all our Kits have been carefully selected to help you get rid of carpet moths fast and maintain long-lasting carpet moth control, stopping moths from causing further damage to your carpets and rugs!

Supplied by market leaders Rentokil and Pest Expert and approved by the HSE for amateur use, the professional-standard carpet moth insecticides in our Kits are the most powerful carpet moth killers available to the DIY user and deliver outstanding results.

Our Intermediate Kit offers double the quantity of carpet moth products found in our Standard Kit but at considerably less than double the cost. Includes a full two litres of carpet moth spray, allowing you to treat up to 50 sq m in a single application or a smaller area several times to achieve total carpet moth eradication.

All our Carpet Moth Killer Kits come complete with step-by-step instructions on how to apply the carpet moth products, making treatment straightforward and hassle-free.

Kit Contents
Our Carpet Moth Killer Kit - Intermediate includes:

2 x Pest Expert
Formula C Moth Killer Spray 1 Ltr:
Formula ‘C’ is the strongest carpet moth killer on the amateur market, killing carpet moths on contact and leaving a protective residue that lasts for up to 12 weeks after application. This carpet moth spray is water based so can be used on any fabric or surface that will not be damaged by water.

2 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Carpet Moth Killer Powder 300g: This carpet moth killer is effective against eggs, larvae and adult moths. Apply around the edge of the room for the best carpet moth control solution. Use in conjunction with the Formula ‘C’ spray for best results.

2 x Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Foggers: This fumigator is a powerful aerosol designed to be an effective carpet moth killer and still be safe for home use. The insecticidal gas released expands to completely fill a room, penetrating even hard to reach areas where carpet moths may be lurking. Foggers, unlike smoke bombs, do not need to be lit so don’t present any fire risk.

2 x Demi Diamond Moth Pheromone Traps and Holders: Control carpet moths with these professional standard carpet moth traps. They have a pheromone lure that attracts the male moth only, trapping it inside. By trapping the males this prevents further reproduction, but for total eradication then use these in conjunction with the other products in the kit.

1 x EN149 Safety Mask & Nitrile Safety Gloves

1 x Professional Step-by-Step Advice Sheet

Where carpet moth damage is more widespread or if you have a carpet moth infestation affecting multiple rooms, please see our Advanced Carpet Moth Kit in the Related Products below.
Carpet Moth Treatment Kit - Intermediate
Carpet Moth Treatment Kit - Intermediate
Our Price: £34.95
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Customer Reviews

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Sally-Poole-5 Stars

Products all delivered exactly when I was told and are as described. Kept informed on progress of order. No reason to doubt how effective the products are, so far so good.

Philip-Essex-5 Stars

Reviewed the web and identified MothKiller as offering similar products are a little less cost than others. Products seems to have worked well, although may need a follow up treatment, as advised. Prompt delivery allowing for instructions for leaving goods if not in. Instructions to use were easy to follow.

Allan-Kingswood-5 Stars

Very prompt delivery arrived within stated delivery slot. Instructions were easy to follow and product has worked very well. Thank you.

John-Plymouth-5 Stars

The product was delivered within 24 hours. Clear instructions and easy to use. Seems to have done the job as we haven't seen any moths for several days.

George-Devon-5 Stars

The product arrived very promptly and I used it immediately . The instructions were clear and the treatment was effective .

Lynn-Caerphilly-5 Stars

Easy to follow instructions in box promptly delivered and products done the job-not one moth seen in over a week since treatment whereas I was seeing about 10 a day-fingers crossed its solved the problem

Sam-Wingerworth-5 Stars

The delivery system was excellent enabling me to track delivery times. Instructions were easy to follow, except I hadn't realised there were 2 types of jet on the spray bottle. Safety gear is included which makes things so much easier. It's only been 3 days but so far no more signs of moths!

Ian-Peterborough-5 Stars

Items arrived within 24 hours - brilliant service, highly recommended.

Mr Price-Exmouth-5 Stars


Peter-Saltash-5 Stars

Website info was helpful in choosing the correct kit - delivery service was very speedy - instructions for using the product were precise - a week after using the product we are completely free of moths

Jeremy Melhuish-Burgess Hill-5 Stars

Got rid of my carpet moths

Roland-Andover-5 Stars

The pack arrived next day, instructions were easy to follow and have appeared to work thus far as opposed to a friend who shopped elsewhere

Stephen Everett-Carmarthenshire-5 Stars

Excellent delivery (next day) and product appears to be effective so far.

Terri-Turnbridge Wells-5 Stars An excellent mother killing product. I was a bit concerned about the smell that would linger after using the product as this was done in a furniture showroom. However, I did not have to worry. No sign of anything lingered the day after the application was made. No sign of any moths either. The order was expedited efficiently and I was informed of the status of the order at all stages, from despatch to arrival and a follow up afterwards. Well done!

Mrs Beardsley-Plymouth-5 Stars

Easy to order and a very fast delivery. Product was very easy to use and seems to be doing the job, would definitely recommend to other people.

LN-Stockton-on-Tees-5 Stars

We were horrified to discover carpet moths in several rooms after moving home. This product was recommended to us and we'd certainly recommend it to others. It was quickly delivered and comes with clear and concise instructions. And, most importantly, we seem to now be clear of carpet moths!

Neil-Dover-5 Stars

Great service. Great service. Good product. Everything you need in one box. Buy here

Ian-Ilford-5 Stars

Carpet Moths Very prompt delivery, kit included everything necessary. Instructions could have been a bit clearer but simple enough to follow. Ample quantities supplied. Although it has only ben a week since applied I have not yet seen any further moths and none have appeared in the traps.

Mrs Janet Forrester-Devon-5 Stars

They took time over the phone to answer my questions because i have cats and fish. the parcel was delivered the next day, just in process in using the moth killer kit.

CHRISTINA-Barnstaple-5 Stars

First class product. Next day delivery, no hassle, easy to use, good clear instructions.

Ms Trew-Vale of Glamorgan-5 Stars

I ordered a range of moth killing products from this company. They kept me informed of the progress of my order and delivery every step of the way. The products arrived promptly and exactly as displayed online with clear instructions for use. I just hope they stop the damage caused by the moths.

Philip-Norwich-5 Stars

Carpet Moth Elimination Excellent products and results. Our rooms & rugs are now completely free of those pesky carpet chewers! Many thanks

CoralB-Harlow-5 Stars

Excellent service The product arrived in super fast time. The directions were clear but the containers did not dispense very well - I had areas of too much powder and was then trying to move it to areas I needed to fill. That said it appears to have done a good job but time will tell. Only moths seen were sickly ones a day after treatment. If I ever need to do it again I would buy twice the amount to ensure I could cover everything

Susan-Ludlow-5 Stars

Simple and easy to use products Straight forward products, easy to follow instructions early days yet but see no reason why products aren't 100o/o successful

Emily-Brighton-5 Stars

CARPET MOTHS WIPED OUT Having discovered patches of carpet moth damage in 2 rooms I bought a medium moth killer kit. Worked a treat, easy to apply and now moth free for several weeks! Excellent products and delivery was next day.

Keith-Dover-5 Stars

Good service and information. Our carpet moth kit arrived by next day delivery and I found the directions easy to follow. The two rooms have now been treated and now we await to see if the moths are gone. No sign so far.

Paul-Sudbury-5 Stars

Excellent products... Moth killer kit arrived promptly and well-packaged. Time will tell, but products appear to do the job. The fogger is particularly impressive! Would recommend.

Kevin-Eynesbury-5 Stars

Followed the instruction and the carpets moths have gone just as quickly as they appeared. Few weeks on and no signs of them reappearing I have every confidence in this product and would recommend it to anyone who's carpet is being eaten away.

David-York-5 Stars

Excellent service, arrived within 3 days and was just as ordered. Seemed to do an excellent job as the moths have now disappeared (I hope).

Sheila-Hampshire-5 Stars

Very prompt delivery many thanks for averting a problem.

Rachel-Sudbury-5 Stars

easy to buy and quick delivery Having now used the carpet moth killer kit I am extremely pleased with the results, so far no more moths.The kit had good instructions and was easy to use

Johanna-Somerton-5 Stars

Great service lots of information on usage along with the products which arrived very quickly.

Tessa-Newcastle-5 Stars

Efficient The kit arrived promptly and was exactly as described on the website. The instructions were very easy to follow and we had no difficulty in treating the stairs and landing. Safety masks and gloves were provided. An excellent product!

Dennis-Leamington Spa-5 Stars

They informed me of the delivery day and an approximate time and there was my parcel, just as I said it would be. Just brilliant.

Leah-Southport-5 Stars

Nice change to receive a product with well written instructions. Well packaged and fast delivery.

Mr B G Grantham-Warrington-5 Stars

The application of the products took some time and effort but since used we have not seen any sign of carpet mots, Used almost a month ago.Long may it last!!

Elizabeth-Swansea-5 Stars

Very impressed with the super fast supply of products and professional assistance when contact made with company. The product supplied was extremely effective and fast acting. Having never heard of carpet moths before we panicked and searched for a solution - we could not have chosen a better product or company to come to our rescue!

Richard Ames-Taunton-5 Stars

Very quick response to ordering, thank you

Ray B-Matson-5 Stars

Great product, worked in one application. Not a sign of any moths or larva. Excellent service from Mothkiller. One of the bottles was punctured in transit, with loss of fluid. A phone call to Mothkiller and a replacement was in the post. I recommend Mothkiller and their products if you have a moth problem.

Nick Gill-Hixon-5 Stars

Did the job, easier and better quality than I expected. Did the job, easier and better quality than I expected.

Roger-York-5 Stars

The moth killer arrived very quickly after I ordered it. Appears to have done its job. Have not seen any of the carpet moths for a couple of days.! Will re treat if necessary .

Jacqueline-Plymouth-5 Stars

It was very good all you needed came in the kit and was well explained so far there have been no moths.

Robert-Bridgend-5 Stars

received goods next day very very good service The best service I have ever had on line

Clare-Bedford-5 Stars

I liked having a range of products that allowed me to destroy all stages of the moth's life cycle and then monitor if there is any reoccurrence of the infestation.

Joan-Tavistock-5 Stars

They do what they say and deliver next day No hassles all you need to rid yourself of unwanted intruders

Alistair-Knockholt-5 Stars

Five year sentence ended There are lots of good reviews for this site bu I was sceptical that the products would rid us of our moth blight. Telephone advice was clear, the order was delivered very quickly and email comms were frequent and accurate. did it do the trick then? Well I will reserve judgement until at least a month into our purge, but after five odd years of pointless swatting and splatting, we should have done this earlier. Products are easy to use although you need to set aside plenty of time and arrange to go out after you set the insecticide 'bomb' off. At this time of year we average about 10 per room if you glance around, and a scattering aroun the house. A week in and ive seen three overall. I suspect there were a few that were in a distant room (the kitchen, untreated as no soft furnishing). Now squished, ive seen no more. Here's hoping!

Greg-Taunton-5 Stars

Bought the Carpet Moth Killer Kit - Intermediate (Rentokil / Pest Expert Products). Having read online about how resilient carpet moths are, I didn't hold much hope of a consumer strength product working, but bought the double kit so I could re-apply a second dose to finish them off when they had come out of hiding. After just one dose we have never seen another moth. Excellent product, wish I hadn't bothered with the second kit as it has never been used. If you have moths this will certainly sort them out, big plus is that it is a cat & toddler friendly product (if used correctly). Have been moth-free for 7 months and counting. Very fast service. good product

Helen-Henley-On-Thames-5 Stars

So far so good! My moth killing kit arrived on time and I applied it to my carpet as per your instructions. Two weeks on and not a single moth or larvae detected. Fingers crossed that this continues! The kits seems to be very effective, the staff are a pleasure to deal with and the service is very reliable. Thank you for your help. I have recommended you to others in the same horrible situation.

Claire-Bradford-5 Stars

Very efficient service and products do what they say - KILL MOTHS!!!

Veronica Hughes-London-5 Stars

Product arrived promptly. Have applied moth treatment to my mother's carpet, but too early at this stage to know if it has worked. Was pleased with the very clear instructions as to how to apply and was simpler than I had expected. Job done in 1 day!