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Tineola Bisselliella

A Clothes Moth or Tineola Bisselliella is one of the most aggressive species and can be found in places all around the world. The moths are only small around 5-8mm long and tend to scuttle around, flying only when its warm.

They tend to shun sunlight, preferring the dark areas of our home, laying egg batches on wools, furs and feathers. The larvae that hatch from the eggs spin silk webbing across the material and begin to eat the fibres in the material which causes the holes and damage we see in our favourite silk shirts or expensive wool carpets.

Prevention is as with most things cheaper than the cure. Check crevices, creases and behind labels of clothing for clothes moths. Make sure clothes have been cleaned (were possible hot washed) before vacuum packing them. Take out items hanging up inside your wardrobe and shake them at least once a month – moths hate being disturbed. Regularly vacuum around the bottom and edges of wardrobes and any shelves. Check underneath seats for signs of webbing or ‘casings’. Also check around piping, in deep buttons and in the seat or arm crevices.

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