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Using Pest Expert Products to Eradicate Carpet Moths

Treatment should be carried out by firstly activation of the Formula P Fogger(s), followed by applying the Formula P Powder and then applying the Formula C Spray.

1. Any unprotected persons or pets (including fish) should be removed from rooms where treatment is about to take place and kept out until surfaces become dry. The entire carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly prior to treatment.

2. Then place the Formula ‘P’ Fogger in the centre of the room to be treated. Activate the Fogger by pushing down on the trigger to lock into place. As the gas is released under high pressure, please hold the canister away from you when activating. The Fogger will take approx 90 seconds to release its contents. Each Fogger will treat a room of approx 4m x 4m. (Further info can be found by peeling back the canister label).

3. Close the room and allow 2-3 hours for surfaces to dry and for the gas to disperse. Upon re-entering the room, if possible ventilate by way of an open window to eliminate any related fumes, and help speed up the drying process.

4. Apply Formula ‘P’ Powder to affected areas and room edges. Leave for at least 30 minutes before vacuuming up. Please refer to instructions for Moth Treatment on container. Be sure to keep pets and/or children away from treated area until dust has been removed. (If it can be tolerated, the Powder can be applied after Formula ‘C’ when surfaces are dry and left down for longer; however, we do not recommend this if you have young children and/or pets or if the powder is likely to be disturbed.)

5. Once the powder has been removed, apply Formula ‘C’ to affected areas or the entire carpet if activity is widespread. Move any heavy furniture and spray beneath. A heavier application of spray should also be administered around the edges of the room (up to 50cm out from skirting boards/wall-floor junctions). This should save you the trouble of having to lift and treat beneath the edges of the carpet. A 1 litre container will treat approx 20 sq m.

6. Formula ‘C’ is a residual insecticide. This means it will leave an invisible film which, unlike a fine mist aerosol, will continue to remain effective for some time after (depending upon traffic over surfaces). Therefore, for maximum effect, cleaning / vacuuming of treated surfaces should ideally be avoided for a short time. After vacuuming it may be necessary to re-apply.

7. If carpets are being discarded, once removed, liberally apply Formula ‘C’ and repeat process if infestation has been moderate to heavy.

8. To monitor activity after treatment install the moth trap(s) in the affected room(s). Fold the moth trap(s) into a toblerone shape and insert a pheromone pad into the trap, sticky side facing out. Replace the pad every 4-6 weeks.

9. Depending upon the degree of infestation, a second treatment may be necessary after 30 days.

10. When products are finished with, please dispose of safely and in accordance with advice on packaging.

The information supplied is provided as a guide only. While every effort is made to assist customers, mothkiller.co.uk/pestcontrolsupermarket.com will not accept any responsibility for any loss resulting from the application of products supplied by ourselves, or any guidance given.

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