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Oak Processionary Caterpillars

The oak processionary moth feeds and lives almost exclusively on oak trees.

Symptoms include:

  • Caterpillars in procession on the trunk nose-to-tail in late spring and early summer. The procession is sometimes arrow-shaped with one leader and rows of caterpillars following.
  • Nests on trunks and larger branches of oak trees. They are made of distinctive white silken webbing that fades to a light brown colour.
  • Dislodged nests on the ground near oak trees.

The oak processionary moth is a species of moth with caterpillars that nest on oak trees. The caterpillars are covered in small hairs which can cause health risks in humans.

To minimise health risks:

  • Do not touch or approach oak processionary moth caterpillars or their nests.
  • Do not let children or animals touch or approach the caterpillars or nests.

Do not try and remove the caterpillars or nest yourself.


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