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Creepy crawlies that are bound to make many of us skin crawl. However, Earwigs can be quite beneficial.

Three reasons why to think twice before killing them:

  1. They clean up the environment. Earwigs love to dine on decaying organic matter, including dead plants, animals, and old tree bark.
  2. Earwigs eat pest insects. These effective predators of common garden pests will help control insect larvae, slug eggs, aphids, and other plant-killing bugs.
  3. They won’t hurt you! Contrary to popular belief, earwigs aren’t really known to crawl into the ears of sleeping humans and animals and they’re not known to attack, although they might nip if you get too close.

In other words, they’re mostly harmless, but if this doesn’t change your mind and you find them in the home then take a look at some of our products especially the Pest Expert Formula C.

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