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Summer of Moths

Summer seems to have finally arrived and while millions of Brits flock to the coast for sun, sand and sea stay-cations due to covid, Tineola Bisselliella more commonly known as the clothes moth are out and about in force as well.

The warm weather could very well see an in increase in these moths as the high summer temperatures accelerate the reproductive cycle of this little pest. While we may be sunning ourselves, the clothes moths larvae may just be feasting upon your fine clothes made of wool, cashmere, silk and sheepskin.

The moths themselves are nothing but a nuisance, fluttering along and occasionally dive bombing the mobile in your hands. The moth larvae however are the real problem as they feed on a protein called Keratin in natural materials often causing irreparable damage to carpets, blankets, soft furnishing as well as clothing.

As the eggs hatch, which only takes a few days, they can remain as larvae for up to two years and spend that time feasting any fibers they can find.  That’s why it is best to treat the issue a soon as you start to see signs, either the moths themselves or thread bare patches in your carpet, holes in your clothes.

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