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Moths in the Cupboard

Moths like to make their home in dark, humid spaces in your house. This includes inside cupboards, wardrobes and most will not notice they have moths until the find holes in their clothing.  There are both ways to get rid and deter any future invaders.

If moths are chewing on people’s clothing, then they also have had the chance to establish a family. Moths tend to lay their eggs in crevices and hoovering can help get rid of any blossoming population but hoover bags should be disposed of or risk the chance of the eggs hatching inside or being spread elsewhere in the home.

Clothes not ruined by moths will need cleaning as the larvae will cling on. Dry cleaning is the most effective extraction method, they will also understand how to deal with wool or other luxury items. If treating yourself then clothes that can be washed on a hot cycle should be otherwise placing clothes in freezer bags inside the freezer for a few days.

If all else fails, then fumigation maybe the way to go.

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