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Revenge of the Clothes Moths

When one lady moved into her new home, she believed buying wool carpets, though an expensive choice at first would save her money in the long run. But when the moths moved in it was not long before the larvae began eating away at the fibres and leaving her carpets threadbare and with huge holes ruining them. The clothes moths had found themselves an all you can eat buffet.

The lady in question avoided chemical controls, opting to regularly freeze her clothes in an attempt to kill the moths’ eggs. Checking her wardrobes regularly to shake loose, disturb the moths and kill them. This has all meant more expense for her, by having to replace all but two carpets in her home.

This is a battle occurring up and down the country with many moths in decline, but the clothes and case-bearing clothes moths- are believed to be increasing, causing thousands of pounds in damages to homes up and down the country.

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