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The hunt for volunteers to record the moth population in Cumbria

In Cumbria, volunteers are required to help record the fluctuations and varieties of moths in Cumbria with Cumbria Wildlife Trust. It is launching a virtual study where a spokesperson has stated “To make your sightings count, we will teach you how to upload them onto the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre database”

“Your information will contribute valuable data to local and national biodiversity records.

“With your help we will be able to create the first ‘Cumbrian pollinator atlas’ and will be able to track insect populations and movements.

“This valuable data will help inform us on the best ways to support pollinators across the county.

“The session will take place online, so you can join the team from the comfort of your living room. We expect the session to last around an hour, and there will be opportunity for any questions.”

The session will be taking place on 18th May at 1pm.

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