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A Moth Infestation at an English Mansion is Being Treated with the Help of Microscopic Wasps

The birthplace of Anne Boleyn, Blickling Hall in Norfolk, is suffering from an established moth infestation. The National Trust has decided to introduce tiny wasps to the situation in an attempt to combat the moths. The moths have been targeting rugs and other precious artifacts in the property with the issue spiraling recently due to the Coronavirus pandemic and with the rise of pests such as the common clothes moth, it is not a problem that will quieten on its own.

The wasps were brought in to several locations in the historic manor; approximately 2400 wasps for each area. Once they exited the containers, they destroyed the moth eggs by laying their own eggs as this takes place inside the moth eggs. Long term this seems to be a great solution because unlike the moths, the wasps do not damage the furniture, rugs or carpets and so they pose no threat in the long term. Instead they will eventually die and there will be no evidence of any wasp or moth infestation.

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