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The fight against a moth infestation

The moths, found in Hertsmere, can be extremely dangerous due to their ability to cause allergic reactions in both humans and animals. As a result, this can put pets at risk when outside. The treatment process is due to start shortly to tackle the problem.

The issue of an infestation of Oak Processionary Moths has been investigated since they were found in 2020. In light of this, the council has undertaken work on more than 1500 oak trees in a bid to find and treat any nests that may be present.

It has been reported that contractors will be drafted in to treat any oak trees affected by Oak Processionary Moths by chemically spraying them. “We have a legal obligation to carry out the chemical spraying of infected trees, but will work hard to ensure this is carried out with minimal disruption to park users.”

It is known that the Processionary Moth and their nests can affect both people and their pets by causing rashes, eye irritations and in the worst cases breathing difficulties. The moths travel in long lines on oak trees and have long white hairs and black heads.

They are most at risk when they are caterpillars as they emerge before becoming adults. The caterpillars and the nests should never be touched. The nests come in the form of teardrops or domes and can be seen in all sizes.

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