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Dealing with moths in 2020

Moths were a huge problem for many homeowners in the UK in 2019, the long periods of time we had where the temperature was over 16 degrees. When the temperature is at 16 degrees or over, moths start to breed. Not only do they breed, but there life-cycle increases the speed it transitions meaning the rate at which the moths reach sexual maturity increases and the rate at which they multiply dramatically increases too. In addition, as the larvae speed through this stage, the rate at which the larvae cause damaged increases too, which can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to homes across the country. 2020 is expected to be an even worse year for moths, so get prepared for the destructive little critters.

Over the years Pest Expert has expanded their range into the widest and most effective range of products on the UK market. They have products to deal with the main moth types, clothes moth, carpet moth and food moth and have a range of treatment kits containing everything you need to eradicate a particular moth problem.  These kits contain a fumigation device, residual spray and other products to cater for the needs of eradicating a moth infestation. In addition to the core treatment of insecticides, Pest-Expert offer a range of other products to help products such as pheromone traps to for monitoring moth activity in the home and moth proof storage bags to protect clothing from moth damage.

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