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Textile Moths in winter

Moths are renowned as a summer pest and in the wild they are known to almost die out in the winter months. When the temperature drops to the low temperatures it does in winter months, moths cannot survive.

However, with the advancements humans have made in recent years, moths are becoming a more year round pest. With central heating being a permanent fixture in the majority of homes in the UK, moths have the temperature they need to thrive. All insects breed when the temperature reaches 16 degrees, so usually in the winter months the temperature drops well below 16 degrees which means moths cannot thrive or breed.

Within the last 50 years advancements in the technology in central heating has led the homes constantly being above 16 degrees which is that key temperature moths need to thrive and breed. In addition, advancements in double glazing and insulation has helped homes stay a lot warmer meaning moths can breed all year round causing untold damage and stress to homeowners.

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