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Insect pests: Natural-born moth killers

Not only are insect pest’s garden problems, they are also problems inside the home too. We are currently in the middle of an indoor epidemic if clothes moths, a very destructive insect. Since natural fibres were present in most homes across the UK, clothes moth larvae have been munching holes in anything woollen, cashmere or silk – always the more expensive fabrics.

The trouble with this kind of moth is they are so small and are very difficult to see. The adults are very small and the larval stage are also small and tend to mimic the colour of the fabric they munch on, making it very difficult to notice them. They can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage in a very short space of time which makes treating them quickly absolutely imperative.

Luckily there are many fantastic an effective moth treatment products on the market which eradicate the moths as quickly as they came. Pest Expert Formula C Spray is professional-strength insecticidal moth killer spray which kills moths on contact and leaves an invisible residue that will continue to maintain effective control for up to 12 weeks. This is fantastic for spraying on carpets, inside wardrobes and other areas prone to moth damage.

Fumigation devices such as smoke bombs and foggers will fumigate a room with either an insecticidal smoke or aerosol which will kill anything open to the airspace. This will mainly be adult moths but also a few larvae may be on the surface which will also be killed. They will leave no residue so are safe to be used in a home with pets and children.

Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes and Papers offer complete moth protection for woollen, cashmere and silk clothing and fabrics in your wardrobes and drawers for up to 6 months. You simply put them in the wardrobe or drawers and they will constantly be working and kill all stages of the moth life-cycle.

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