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Signs of an early autumn in Cambridgeshire

As we have come to the end of August and we are now in September, the word autumn starts to get thrown around – much too many peoples distaste. This is largely to do with the searing temperatures we had at the start of summer, reaching 38.7 degrees at the start of June. These warm, hot conditions have had huge benefits for both moth and butterfly species in the UK.

Large numbers of painted ladies as well as healthy populations of red admirals, common and holly blues, meadow browns and gatekeepers, many appearing in gardens. On still, calm days between showers, dragonflies are now active, mainly close to rivers and lakes – the most often seen being the Common Darter. Less often you can see the Emperor Dragonfly, the male is a shiny bright blue and the female is a slightly duller green.

Moths have also been a lot more active in the last few months, many homes across the UK have been hit with infestations of the dreaded clothes and carpet moths. Like any other year we always see spikes in moth activity in the warmer summer months.

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