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How we advise to treat and prevent textile moth infestations

Textile moths can be one of the most destructive household pests and can quite quickly cause thousands of pounds worth of damage in the home. This makes treating textile moths quickly and effectively imperative. There are many different products, sold from many different companies, so it can be a rather difficult choice choosing the right product for your situation.

Pest Expert are one of the market leaders in moth control and have an extensive range of moth killing products ranging from sprays to powder, treatment kits to fumigation devices.

Pest Expert Formula C Moth Killer Spray – Pest Expert Formula ‘C’ Carpet Moth Spray is our best-selling product for eradicating carpet moth infestations and the most powerful moth insecticide available to the amateur market. Formula ‘C’ is a fast-acting carpet moth killer that enables you to carry out an effective carpet moth treatment to carpets and rugs, and has a long-lasting residual that maintains carpet moth control for up to 12 weeks. This 1Ltr trigger spray will treat up to 25 sq m in a single application.

Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Carpet Moth & Beetle Powder 300g – Formula ‘P’ Carpet Moth & Beetle Killer Powder is a highly effective insecticidal powder, specifically formulated for the eradication of all life cycle stages of the carpet moth. The fast-acting formulation comes in an easy-to-use puffer pack, making it ideal for both amateur and professional use.

Pest Expert Formula P+ Moth Killing Fogger – The Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Moth Killing Fogger is a fast-acting aerosol device containing a powerful insecticide which delivers a rapid knockdown of both carpet and clothes moths. Perfect for fumigating a room or wardrobe affected by a moth infestation.


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