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Increased clothes and carpet moths in the UK

There has been a huge increase of moths reported in the UK this year, and the weather is to blame. As we experienced a mild winter and a warm, humid summer, moths have multiplied rapidly.

Moths can be found in both clothes and carpets, as they feed on Keratin which is found in natural fibres such as wool, silk and cashmere etc. Not many people know, but it is the larvae that cause the damage in clothes and carpets, not the adult moths.  They are usually found in small, dark areas which are hard to reach, or under furniture and the edges of a room.

Getting rid of moths is straight forward once you have located the source. Luckily here at MothKiller.co.uk, we supply tailor made kits which include all the products you need to successfully eradicate clothes and carpet moths. Visit our full range by visiting www.MothKiller.co.uk.

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