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Understanding a clothes moth infestation

Clothes moth (Tineola Bisselliella) is the most common moth you will find attacking clothes and carpets around your home. They are known to be the most aggressive species of moth and can be found all around the world. You will most likely find them flying around your home in the Spring and Summer moths when it is a lot warmer.

The clothes moth feeds on keratin and will lay eggs in small, dark areas in wool, fur, cashmere and silk. The larvae that latch from the eggs and begin to eat the fibres in the material, causing holes in clothes and patches in carpets.

There are a variety of products and methods that can be used, but the kits from Pest Expert are second to none.

Our clothes and carpet moth kits have been put together by our experts and is designed for the eradication of clothes and carpet moth infestations. The combination of the sprays, powders and fumigation devices within this kit will provide quick and wide-ranging knockdown across all stages of the moth life-cycle, whilst also maintaining long-lasting control. Each of the carefully selected products will target a different stage of the moth life-cycle, ensuring nothing is missed and 100% eradication is achieved after one application. The traps included in this kit allow you to monitor moth activity in the property as well as disrupting the breeding cycle. The Pest Expert clothes moth killer cassettes and strips slowly release an insecticide over 6 months which kills all stages of the moth life-cycle, as well as being odourless and discreet.

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