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Camouflage moth spotted in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, a small camouflaged moth has been discovered at the Giant’s Causeway. The tiny caterpillar has wrapped itself up in a protective case of silk and had blended in with the materials around it, making it almost impossible to see.

It is the first time that the species has been spotted in Ireland. Rumour has it that it may have been blown there from Britain, due to the wintery, strong winds.

Chairman of Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland, Adam Mantell, said: “It’s fantastic to have a new species of moth confirmed in Ireland, something which doesn’t happen every day. It shows that we still have much to learn about our native species and demonstrates the value of recording what we see around us.”

The life cycle of the moth takes around a year. The caterpillar pupates for a month – usually in May – before developing into a moth.



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