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Clothes Moths on the rise

Finding holes or damage in your clothes must be one of the most frustrating things, but what is causing the damage?

Most likely the perpetrators are clothes moths, who’s larva feed on Keratin (a form of protein found in animal skin and hair). The adult female clothes moth will lay her eggs in an area of high keratin, usually cashmere, silk or woollen garments. Their larvae hatch and instantly start feeding on the keratin in such garments, causing damaged up and down the country.

New research released by Rentokil has revealed moths are on the rise in the UK with a 110% increase on clothes moth callouts from April to May of 2018 – an astronomical increase. The record warm weather is a contributing factor to the increase moth activity as moths breed more frequently with warmer conditions. In addition, Rentokil’s research shows other contributing factors such as washing clothes at lower temperatures are leading to a surge in moth activity in the UK. In our increasingly eco-conscious times, many choose to wash clothes at lower temperatures to help the environment and save energy, this is leading to moths becoming more prevalent throughout the UK. The findings showed that 54% of people are increasingly more likely to wash their clothes at 30°C compared to five-years-ago. Moths and their larvae have a better chance of survival in cooler temperatures as opposed to a 60°C wash cycle.

The temperature to kill textile moths and their larvae is 55°C.

Be Lee J Silson

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