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Operation Clothes Moth

An alarmingly high number of clothes moths found in England

A year-long study has been carried out by English Heritage in the UK and they’ve discovered an “alarmingly high” number of destructive clothes moths in England’s warmer regions, most notable London. A series of mild winters are thought to be the cause of this spike in moth and insect activity.

The project called Operation Clothes Moth, was launched to help us understand how to protect a collection of historic carpets, tapestries and other materials. This can also help homeowners understand the issue of clothes moths and how to protect their own fabrics from the destructive little critters.

Members of the public were asked to monitor clothes moth activity in their homes with moth traps that were handed out in their thousands. The results showed that houses in the South East were much more at risk than properties further north. The East Midlands, North West and North East recorded the lowest levels. In addition, the study also found that houses and flats with shared walls and pre-fifties houses with more voids were also more likely to be affected.

The English Heritage has published a book of advice for dealing with moth infestations, based upon 20 years’ experience of studies on the damaging pest.

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By Lee J Silson


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