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Scientist finds blue moth, which was last seen in 1887

Marta Skowron Volponi, a Polish entomologist, has found and recorded footage of a bee-like moth called the Oriental Blue Clearwing. This type of moth has not been seen since 1887. It is identified by the unique blue sheen of its wings, and light reflecting blue scales.

Marta knew instantly that she had found a new species, or one that had not been seen for a long while. She then went on to record and photograph the rare moth. Marta and her Husband, Paolo Volponi have since identified 12 individual Oriental Blue Clearwings.

The family of clearwing moth are known for their bee-like appearance, which includes transparent and narrow wings. They also appear to have furry bodies and legs like bees, but the ‘fur’ are scales which have elongated through evolution to resemble the appearance the fur of bees. According to Marta, these kinds of adaptations make a predator think twice about making a meal of this moth, in fear of being stung.

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